Special Offer For Recurring Cleaning Services


  • * This First Cleaning, is a special cleaning service, same as a Deep Cleaning necessary to start the recurring cleaning service period and granting a best quality cleaning service for all contract time.


This offer applies to the choice of any of the packages offered on the site that is chosen for the first cleaning.


Customers who hire cleaning services in WEEKLY, BIWEEKLY or MONTHLY RECURRING mode will be eligible for this offer.

The contract for RECURRING SERVICES must be signed on the day of the execution of the First Clearing of this offer.

Terms and Conditions

In this Special Offer, The Sunset Cleaning company offers to their customers who will agree to make a recurring cleaning contract lasting between 2 and 6 months, a high quality deep cleaning for an incredible value!

Your First Time cleaning for

only $ 99.00

Take this opportunity. Hire now!